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Creativity stories

Running a multi-passion business

Running a multi-passion business

by Nicole Verbeeck

2 months ago

Running a multi-passion business

Following my passions makes me work on a few business ideas simultaneously. Some of them have failed, others have great potential. At the moment, I am running a multi-passion business consisting of my 9 year old Juneau Cayenne and my baby company Jolliette. The first is a small global creative agency with a focus on health, the second a local healthy food start-up.

There is a lot of passion and interesting vision in both of them, that it is impossible for me to focus on just one. The one company inspires and complements the other so much, that I decided to carry on as a multi-passion business. For me this summer is a big exercise in agility moving Jolliette in the right direction at the right speed while redesigning and rebalancing several components of Juneau Cayenne in a challenging environment. Knowing that going too slowly may fail to achieve, and going too fast will create chaos. This work is done in short sprints and on-the-spot experimentation with small feedback loops that stimulate progress as quickly as possible.  

Stress test passed

With Jolliette we passed the first stress test and two elaborate test phases have shown that there is enough market potential for Jolliette's kitchen to proceed to a next phase. What started as a small experiment at the end of last year, is now evolving into a serious business. We have made regular adjustments in terms of staffing, business model, product range, etc. But with these quick incremental improvements, we are taking many small steps that ultimately matter.

At the moment, I am making sure that the food and service are of consistently high quality and that our presence is always clean and appealing. At the same time, I have a big hunger to innovate the kitchen: introduce new menu items, new kitchen procedures, new features ... I try to balance sufficient attention to operations with sufficient attention to innovation. If I am not focused on innovation, Jolliette becomes boring and unable to adapt to a changing environment. So is Juneau Cayenne.

Small is beautiful

I consciously try to keep things small and manageable, because small is beautiful and really makes a difference. In the early years of Juneau Cayenne we grew too fast, resulting in the necessary growing pains. My short experience at Jolliette is greatly inspiring my future vision of Juneau Cayenne. I am currently finalizing the future strategy of Juneau Cayenne, which we will be rolling out in September. We modified our DNA, our business model will be different, more accessible, more global and more appealing. We needed some time to think about the future of this agency and with the current pandemic we have paused our business for several months. But I see it clear now and almost ready to take off.


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